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LED Brass Band

booking highlights

   Versatile LED brass band

   Engaging roaming music option for audience interaction

   Range of classic and contemporary songs reimagined

   Tailored performance with various costume options

   Memorable entrance act for VIP or guests

Services Offered



Bring an unforgettable sonic experience to your event with LED Brass Band. As one of the premier high-end brass ensembles for hire, we deliver a musical performance as versatile as it is vibrant. Our band offers a range of line-ups from 6 to 12 members, allowing us to tailor our performance to your event's specific needs.

Brass Band USA is not just a musical group but a dynamic entertainment option that interacts with your guests to create a festive atmosphere. Our roaming music option allows us to engage with the audience, injecting a dose of fun and energy into your event.

With a repertoire that includes classic brass band songs and contemporary classics reimagined in their style, Brass Band USA offers a unique musical experience. Our musicians aren't just skilled at playing; they're skilled at performing. They bring a level of showmanship that sets us apart from other high-end brass ensembles for hire.

But the experience doesn't stop with our music. We offer various costume options and brandable drums, ensuring that our performance's visual aspect is just as captivating as the auditory one. We can even lead a VIP or your event guests into the main area, making for a spectacularly memorable entry.

When you hire Brass Band USA, you're not just getting a brass band but a comprehensive LED entertainment package. Let us bring our blend of high-energy performance, engaging interactions, and crowd-pleasing music to your event.