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Aerosmith Tribute Performers

booking highlights

   Authentic Aerosmith music and style

   Energetic, captivating Aerosmith tribute shows

   Wide-ranging performances from clubs to stadiums

   Iconic "Bad Boys of Boston" experience

   Decade-plus of performing worldwide

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Turn up the volume and get ready to rock with the ultimate Aerosmith tribute band. Altus Entertainment proudly presents an act that transcends the ordinary tribute — a high-voltage, spot-on recreation of America's greatest rock 'n' roll band, Aerosmith. These performers don't just cover Aerosmith's music; they bring the soul, swagger, and larger-than-life presence of the "Bad Boys" from Boston to your event.

Feel the adrenaline as our Aerosmith performances kick off with anthems like "Walk This Way," transporting you straight into a live concert experience. Each member of the tribute band embodies the essence of the original legends, from the striking style of Steven Tyler to the virtuoso guitar licks of Joe Perry. This isn't just a performance; it's an homage to a band that sold over 150 million records and captured the hearts of millions.

Our renowned Aerosmith tribute band brings the WOW factor to every show, from private parties to major corporate events. Their remarkable stage presence and electrifying performance will captivate your audience and create an unforgettable experience. With over a decade of international touring and performances in grand venues like Dodger Stadium, our tribute band's dedication to authenticity and entertainment is unmatched.

Whether craving the hits from the 70s or looking to "Walk This Way" to Aerosmith's modern tunes, we've got you covered with pitch-perfect renditions and show-stopping energy. Book the Aerosmith tribute band that reigns supreme in the tribute community and give your guests the night of rock 'n' roll they deserve.