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A Tribute to the Eagles

booking highlights

   Only officially authorized tribute to The Eagles

   Accurate reproduction of Grammy-winning sounds

   Engaging journey through the Eagles' greatest hits

   Hotel California tribute bringing nostalgia to life

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A Tribute to the Eagles PHOTOS

Step back in time and relive the phenomenal music of The Eagles with our show "A Tribute to the Eagles." This tribute act is not just a performance; it is a heartfelt salute to one of the greatest American bands of our generation. Their Grammy-award-winning tunes, familiar to millions worldwide, are faithfully reproduced by our talented performers, creating a nostalgic journey that will touch your heart.

Our "A Tribute to the Eagles" is a Hotel California tribute like no other; the renditions are so accurate and respectful that we are the ONLY show globally to have received “Official Authorization” to perform The Eagles' music catalog. From the opening chords to the rousing finale, our performers capture the essence and spirit of The Eagles, delivering a performance that is as close to the real thing as you can get.

Every tune is a trip down memory lane, a reminder of why The Eagles are so loved by many. The longevity and success of our show are testaments to the timeless appeal of The Eagles' music and our dedication to keeping their legacy alive. When you book A Tribute to the Eagles, you're not just getting a performance but an immersive experience that takes your guests down a dark desert highway, with the calm wind in their hair, to the Hotel California.