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Looking for Artists for Hire for Your Event? Choose from Over 10,000 Acts!

Artists for Hire for Your EventDo you need artists for hire for your private or corporate event? Choose and book form over 10,000 worlds class acts and experienced entertainment experts from Altus Entertianment Agency!

Global Artists for Hire for Events: 

Some say event planning is like art – it’s all in the details. Organising an event in small detail will help you gain better control over what you get to transmit to your audience. Most event planners start their next event with one main goal in their minds: to create an event that sticks in their guest's memory for years to come. Whether you aim for specifically that or looking to gain more exposure for your event, hiring the right artist for your event can help you achieve your goals. Look at the performance act you include as a tool to generate emotion and take your event to a new dimension.

Artistic acts have the capability of making your event go viral through social media platforms. Nowadays, the rise of social media has significantly increased the chances for an event to go viral. People can share their life experiences in seconds, having your event spread across platforms incredibly fast. 

The right performance can help you communicate powerful messages and leave your customers and guests talking about your event for days (even years!) to come.

Thinking of booking a live performer?

Explore our catalogue and choose from over 10,000 available acts.

What are the benefits of hiring an artist for your event?

Performance acts can make an event unforgettable.

You probably want your event to be unique and outstanding so that people will remember it for a while. Artistic acts are, without a doubt, the element you can use to help transform the guests' mood and create something extraordinary. For example, a magic act will inspire awe, while a musician will excite the audience. Booking a live performer will help you generate the right emotions at the right times.

Art can help you connect with your audience in new ways

Your brand or product strategy is probably multi-channelled and does not rely entirely on events to reach your audience. However, performance acts will provide you with a new way of engaging with the customers and interacting with them in a new and exciting way. At the same time, they can also help you reach people unfamiliar with the brand. Think of events as a way to reach hundreds or maybe thousands of new business prospects that you can later turn into loyal customers. 

Artists can make an event go viral

Whether you’re launching a new product or celebrating a milestone in your business, the more people the event reaches, the more exposure the brand gets. Performance acts are, without a doubt, one of the best ways to increase the reach of an event. As stated above, artists can make an event go viral faster than you would expect. Putting on an impressive show will make your guests share their experiences with their friends on social platforms, expanding the event's reach.

Hiring an artist for your event can help you get more sponsors

As you probably know by now, brands that act as sponsors are always looking for exposure. Looking for Artists for hire for Your Event for social media outreach campaigns allows numerous firms to collaborate to build awareness about an upcoming event by having one artist promote it on social media. Another business, on the other hand, gives money to the campaign in exchange for publicity on such social media sites. All parties involved benefit from the positive PR that results from doing this, and every one of your visitors will leave with a memorable souvenir.

Create an unforgettable event for your guests.

Take a look at our catalogue and choose from over 10,000 acts.

Booking a live performer has never been easier.

You no longer have to spend endless hours trying to find the right performer for the type of event you’re organising. We’ve put together a platform that allows you to surf efficiently through over 10,000 entertainers and choose what you see fit.

Our goal is to help you find the perfect act that will complement the party's theme and appeal to your specific type of audience. Everything you could possibly think of, you’ll probably find on our platform. Besides, our catalogues are constantly expanding, adding new acts and performers every week. It’s our job to take what you imagine and turn it into reality.

Do you need more than entertainers for your event? We got you. We have a large network of partners that can provide you with everything you need to design a mind-blowing event. From designing your space to providing décor and lights, sound, videos and all the staff necessary to run it all.

Artists for Hire for Your Event

Innovative entertainment at your fingertips

When it comes to modern and innovative entertainment, you have plenty of options available. From musical performances to circus artists, LED or dangerous acts, you can surprise and engage your audience in new and innovative ways.

Let’s say you have the theme in mind, studied the audience and planned everything in detail. However, your event still needs that extra edge to make the impact it should. In most cases, the right entertainment act can help you stylishly reach that. Browse our catalogues of professional artists for hire for any type of event worldwide.

Artists for Hire for Your Event

Global & World Class Artists for Hire for Your Event.

Take a look at our catalogue and choose from over 10,000 acts.

How to choose the right type of entertainment for your event?

You are planning an event and you need entertainment. We are here to help. We are Altus Entertainment, and we specialize in helping you find the right entertainers to make your event memorable.

Our job is to provide performers for events, and we’re good at it. We know what we’re doing because our team has been supplying entertainment for events around the world for years.

Altus Entertainment works with clients big and small and budgets big and small. We can provide entertainment for corporate events, conference events, private parties, reunions, fairs, festivals, brand launches, and more. Our job is to take what you imagine and turn it into reality. We can help you find the perfect acts to complement the party's theme and appeal to your specific audience.

Our roster of entertainers is growing every week. We are constantly adding new performers and new forms of entertainment. We offer much more than just singers, dancers, and magicians. Want food artists and drink specialists? We’ve got them. Celebrity impersonators? Acrobats and circus acts? Drone shows? Interactive robots? Storytellers? Children’s puppet shows or balloon artists? World-class sandcastle builders? We’ve got them all. And more.

And if you need more than just entertainers for your events, talk to us! How about an LED dance floor to go in front of the party band we just booked for you? We have an exceptional group of partners who can help with designing your space, providing décor, and providing lights, sound, and video, and the staff to run them.

Artists for Hire for Your Event of Any Size.

Take a look at our catalogue and choose from over 10,000 acts.

Frequently asked questions:

What cities do your services cover?

Most of our performers will travel to different locations. We can work with you to find available entertainment options to travel to your event and still fit within your budget once travel-related expenses are factored in.

How much will it cost to hire an artist through you?

Our commission includes the price we quote you. There are no last-minute surprise fees. But because we are providing the entertainers in our database with a steady stream of bookings, we can almost always get you a better rate than you would get if you tried to book directly with the artist. And we handle all the details to make your event planning easier. That is the value of the relationships we have built with these performers.

Do you offer event management services?

No, we do not offer event management services. However, we can provide you with everything you need to create an event. Apart from entertainment, we have partnerships that can help you design your space, providing décor and lights, sound, videos and many more with all the staff necessary to run it all. 

Is it complicated to book a live performer?

Not at all. All you have to do is decide what type of entertainment you would like to include in your event, explore our catalogue and choose from over 10,000 acts available. 

I have a question that is not on this list. Who do I talk to?

Our team is here to help you plan the event of your dreams. All you have to do is visit the contact page and fill out the form. One of our representatives will be in touch shortly to furtherly elaborate.