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Wonderland Interactive Characters

booking highlights

    Costumes are vastly detailed and beautifully hand-made

   Characters offer perfect photo opportunities to keep guests talking

   Over 16 years of performance experience at social events and private parties

   Highly interactive entertainment great for themed events, family festivals, public events, and more

   Based in Rhode Island and available for bookings worldwide

   Customizable selection of all characters or just individual ones to fit event needs

Services Offered

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There is nothing more fun than an adventure in Wonderland. Our Alice in Wonderland characters are sure to add that special something your guests will never forget! They're interactive, whimsical, and perfect for any event. Our roaming Alice in Wonderland characters look like they've stepped straight out of the original storybook with their fantastic handmade costumes complete with every detail. The audience is going to love meeting Alice, the Queen of Hearts. She's got an entourage with her that includes Tweedledee and Tweedledum from Wonderland! They're all dressed up in their finest clothes for this walkabout performance. There are also other characters like The White Rabbit & Mad Hatter who can show up at any time. Our Alice In Wonderland characters are waiting to be discovered in a world of wonder and delight. They have all sorts of props that will help set the scene, such as our white rose topiary for the walkabout cards to paint red!

Our highly interactive Alice in Wonderland characters offer an entertaining way to make your event more exciting. These customized performers can be hired for festivals and public events, or corporate events; they will provide the perfect entertainment no matter what you're looking forward to! Whether you're looking for the whole cast of Alice in Wonderland or just one character, our entertainment specialists can help. They offer roaming performances that will suit any event's needs and create an unforgettable experience! You may not realize it but there are many different options available when booking characters like these at your upcoming function; contact us to discuss what type would work best with yours, we've got everything covered here!