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Wacky Human Blowfish

booking highlights

   Wacky, fun, and neon bright Human Blowfish that brings entertainment to audiences of all ages

   Highly unique dance performance ideal for children’s parties, theaters, cabaret, cruise ships, and events

   Weird and quirky specialty act can be set to spooky music for a creepy Halloween act

   Based in Orlando and available for worldwide bookings

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What’s not to love about this incredible colorful human blowfish act? The exquisite detail on these two immense creatures is so life-like, that you might think they're real! The array of vibrant colors and spiky appearance will have anyone's jaw on the floor. This deep sea creature performance features a captivating and grand dance show, whirling about to form an extraordinary production of life that will leave you awe-struck. The dancing blowfish is an instant sensation amongst audiences as the deep sea creatures shrink and expand just like the real deal. This one-of-a-kind specialty act will give guests anywhere an unforgettable performance. The luminous human blowfish has the formation of a radiant neon body with bulbous eyes. 

These dancing blowfish are great for any party. They'll get children excited and have adults entertained. The enchanting creatures of the deep perform a remarkable and exquisite dance show as they spin, leap and puff themselves up like real blowfish. This special performance is a glowing choice of off-the-wall entertainment for children’s parties, theaters, cruise ships, cabaret shows and festivals, and any event with an enchanted underwater theme. Whether you're in the mood for a high-energy performance or a spooky soundtrack themed with creepy lights for Halloween, our grooving blowfish act will captivate any room or venue. How would you like to give someone an unforgettable gift? This weirdly wonderful human blowfish is a perfect way to entertain your guests. To book, contact your entertainment specialist at Altus Entertainment.