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Virtual Poetry Reading

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   A Virtual Poet who customizes poems for each recipient with a vintage typewriter in real-time!

   A Live-streamed virtual poetry reading that connects with audiences by crafting each poem to fit the theme or event

   Can customize poems to have branded stationery featuring a company logo or message

   Participants have the option to have hard copies of poem or sent via email

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Virtual Poetry Reading VIDEOS

Step into the future with this live-streamed experience! This virtual poet is eager to present his art to his audience with his typewriter ready to tackle any poem request that comes his way. Our Virtual Poet will create a space for participants to come up with themes that they want their poem about as he creates it in real-time. The poet will then read your poem aloud, giving it that old-fashioned feel you were going for after he's typed it on his authentic and vintage typewriter. Poems are a great way to remember your experience after the session! 

They're also email-ready and can be sent straight away. If you want paper copies too, that's an extra charge - but we'll make sure they get delivered right away. Each poem will be unique to each person, yet if you'd like your company logo on the stationery for all participants then that is possible. The Virtual Poet's online sessions are designed to accommodate the needs of your group. We recommend a 1 x 60-minute session for maximum engagement and creative potential! To book, contact your entertainment specialist at Altus Entertainment.

The Artist is one of those truly rare experiences that guests can enjoy at an event. Perhaps my favorite part of this engaging experience is that he takes time with each individual to get to know them a bit before the ink hits the paper. Each poem is a unique reflection of the person sitting with him. The Artist is not a gimmicky activation, it's a real, sincere experience that holds something special for every individual that takes the journey with him.

Kevin Molesworth, CSE Owner, Brass Tacks Events Immediate Past President, International Special Events Society - Austin Chapter, 2015-2016

I had the opportunity to meet him at Marriott Masters, and the E4 Conference. Both times I was amazed at the long lines for people waiting to sit with him. He is a true professional and does an amazing job working from his small table, dim lighting, and original typewriter. He would be an asset to any function.

Patti Fee Vice President Meetings and Events Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute

In 2018, Western Union Financial Services, Inc. participated in Financial Service Convention in Las Vegas with over 700 Attendees. At a Gala event on the last evening, we contracted with him a (Poet) as entertainment at the Western Union Booth. During a 3 hour event, we were astonished at the response of attendees coming to our booth and all visiting with us about our services while they waited for the Poet to write them a Poem that they could take home to their “significant other”.His setup was rather simple with a table and an old-fashioned typewriter, and preprinted cards that indicated the poem was compliments of Western Union. But his dress, behavior, and attitude made a tremendous impact on hundreds of people that evening. As the evening was ending, people were still standing in line waiting for a poem, and he stayed beyond his contracted time to make sure all that was still waiting were able to receive a poem.The event was a big hit with attendees, and I would recommend him as (The Poet) for events such as these where you are trying to draw a crowd to your booth and overall business. I can see his service being used at Company Holiday Parties for internal employees, or at the many Conventions throughout the year. As a Corporate Sponsor, we were very well pleased with him and his services, and even more pleased with the draw it provided to the Western Union booth at our event.Sincerely,

Darton Stradling Regional Director – West Region The Western Union Company