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Virtual Magician Experience

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   This virtual magician is soaring in popularity, with recent features in The Hustle and Business Insider detailing his move to Zoom shows

   Available in 3 interactive show options making this magician the perfect choice for any occasion and any age group!

   Our virtual magician provides a workshop, taking you behind the scenes and teaching guests the art of illusion

   As performances begin it won't matter how big or small screens are because everything is synced up perfectly to accommodate up to 1000 people on Zoom alone

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If you're looking for a unique combination of talents, our brilliant magician is certain to leave audiences at your event speechless as he performs his incredible magic right before their eyes. He'll put on an upscale show that will have guests astonished. In an era where live streaming is becoming increasingly popular, our show will be filmed with state-of-the-art equipment and provide you with a professional backdrop. As guests arrive at your event they'll experience upbeat music that sets their mood for what's about to come next! Once on stage performance begins it won't matter how big or small screens are because we've got everything synced up perfectly to accommodate up to 1000 people on Zoom.

He specializes in virtual magic performances with an interactive fast-paced show that interweaves suggestion, influence, and mind-control. And using a combination of misdirection, theatrical trickery, and keen observation he creates the illusion of telepathy and mind-reading. He provides a sophisticated and thought-provoking show that captivates even the most skeptical audience. As an internationally renowned, award-winning magician and mind-reader, he is a breath of fresh air when it comes to entertaining guests. His tricks range from sleight-of-hand up through illusions, comedy routines, rapid costume changes, and even levitations! Our magician has brought his amazing magic talents for events such as weddings or corporate parties where you want something unique that will wow your audience. Contact us today about booking this act at your next event to make it truly magical.


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