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Virtual And Hybrid Event Presenter

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   Highly experienced emcee that brings an intensely human connection to virtual or hybrid events as a presenter or host

   Drives audience engagement with her energetic and vibrant personality

   Creates and inspires audiences and ensures that everyone's voice is heard and addressed

   Has the ability to make elaborate or intricate material relatable and conversational

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This experienced emcee, host, and presenter understand how vital it is to create a human connection with an audience. With her warm, energetic, and vibrant smile, this talented presenter has the ability to draw in an audience with her genuine personality. Through her authenticity, she is able to connect audiences to the heart of messaging and inspiration virtually or at hybrid events. She helps event speakers and virtual presenters connect with their attendees in powerful ways to create meaningful experiences for all participants. With years under her belts as a video producer, scriptwriter, live MC, virtual emcee, corporate presenter, hybrid event host, and on-camera & TV host, this phenomenal host knows the value of connecting with people in all forms of communication. 

Her thoughtful approach to facilitating ensures that everyone's voice is heard and addressed. Her years of knowledge in the industry have offered her a unique perspective on how to deliver messages to major companies. With her expertise, she can assist in planning events that will be flourishing for attendees and sponsors! For more than a decade, she has been an award-winning corporate projector for major players in the industry. Her expertise is invaluable as event planners plan their next big presentation or meeting! Her natural style, laser in-the-moment focus, and quick thinking create a sense of continuity that drive audiences deeper into the content. To book, contact your entertainment specialist at Altus Entertainment.


  • Salesforce
  • BMC
  • Wipro
  • Infosys
  • EdgeVerve
  • Knowledge Aware
  • Blue Health Intelligence
  • LeadMethod
  • American College of Prosthodontists
  • American Academy of Implant Dentistry


Thank you for being such a wonderful MC of our flagship event APAC AdvantEdge! We appreciate all the effort you put in to understand the event and then host it beautifully and with so much energy that made it a joy to watch the whole thing. Thank you for listening to the sessions and adding your own take to keep the audience engaged. It was an absolute pleasure and completely effortless on our part to work with you. I am also grateful for all the additions and changes you made which gave a natural feel to the event. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback about you and I would love to work with you again in future.


A sincere thank you for being so incredible at VeeamON. The feedback has been glowing! From attendees to execs, everyone has said how strong we came back after a 3-year hiatus and how trailblazing it was to return with a simultaneous hybrid offering. I actually spent some time yesterday watching the ‘Live from Vegas’ segments that you recorded with the team and was blown away by how well they turned out exactly how I envisaged. You came across so warm, knowledgeable, comfortable, and crisp that it seemed as though you’d been our virtual event host for years. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and I know our audience responded extremely well to you as our virtual host. Veeam will definitely want to see her grace the stage or screen again in the future.


She is FANTASTIC! She truly helped bring our virtual conference to the next level by providing a great amount of energy and excitement. She kept our audience engaged through both days of our event. She went above and beyond to make us feel at ease by staying organized and being available for quick changes as the days went on. I would truly recommend her to any event organization - for both in-person and virtual events. We'll be hiring her again at our next year's conference. Thanks for everything!

Auros Knowledge Systems

YOU ARE A PRO! Thank you so much for rolling with the punches and adding a sense of stability, enthusiasm, credibility, and light to the broadcast. Looking forward to the next time we get to work together.

Brand Spoken

Thank you for your professionalism and for being such a delight to work with.


Virtual events can have many moving parts with both ‘TV-produced quality’ and ‘reality TV-like’ components. I highly encourage meeting and event planners to consider hiring a professional event host that can tie together your messaging throughout your event while managing attendee expectations. When it came time to “open doors” to our #VirtualPivot event, She did what she does best – engaging with speakers and attendees with her energetic personality and just making us look good. As one attendee mentioned in our post-event surveys, “I loved her passion and enthusiasm." Choosing her was the best decision we made for #VirtualPivot and I highly recommend that you hire her for your on-site or virtual event too.

Virtual Event News

It was a pleasure working with you. In this World of virtual experiences your work is key to go beyond and above when engaging with the audience.


It was amazing. You did an amazing job. All of the comments and everything that has been said about having you part of our meeting has been extremely positive. People thought you did a great job bringing the whole week together with cohesion. We met with our leadership last night, and the executive committee and they were all extremely impressed and grateful for everything you did.

American College of Prosthodontists