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Vintage Video Games

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   Dive into nostalgic gaming favorites such as Pac Man, Star Wars, Super Mario and Space Invaders

   Choose your style with different player modes

   Boost up the energy with down-to-the-wire competitions

   Give unique experiences with extreme battle race tracks, super ski simulators and more

   Cocktail table games available for more relaxed settings

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Looking to add a nostalgic touch to your next event? Hire a classic arcade game rental service and let your guests dive into the world of Pac-Man, Star Wars, Super Mario, and many other iconic games. Whether you're seeking single-player challenges or a fun, four-player competitive session, our vast inventory has got you covered.

For those who desire variety, our multi-game machines offer a plethora of choices to keep the excitement alive all night long. Elevate your event entertainment and give attendees a blast from the past with our unrivaled gaming selections.