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Very Small Father Christmas

booking highlights

   Unique Very Small Father Christmas puppet show

   Interactive Christmas puppet show with playful antics

   Accompanied by enchanting music and lighting

   Magical and immersive holiday experience

   Engaging for both children and adults

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Step into a world of magic and wonder with our Very Small Father Christmas, a unique Christmas puppet show that will delight audiences of all ages. Despite his size, our little Santa carries a massive gift sack through a snow-clad universe, charming audiences with his merry antics and interactive performances.

Our Very Small Father Christmas isn't just a puppet show; it's an enchanting holiday experience that brings the storybook character of Santa to life. Whether sitting in his magical musical chair amidst falling snow or interacting with the audience, our little Santa embodies the joyous spirit of Christmas.

The charm of our Christmas puppet show lies not just within the enchanting character of our Very Small Father Christmas but also in the magical universe it creates. Accompanied by music and captivating lights, the show evokes the whimsical charm of the holiday season. The interactive elements, including scenes where Santa's oversized gift sack topples over, engage the audience further, making the experience truly memorable.

Whether you're looking to add a touch of whimsy to a holiday event, a festival, or a private party, our Very Small Father Christmas offers a distinctive act that promises to leave your guests entranced. Offering joy, wonder, and a generous sprinkling of holiday magic, our Christmas puppet show brings the merry spirit of the season to life.