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The Fruit and Veggie Maestro

booking highlights

   Exquisite Thai-inspired fruit and vegetable art

   Transform produce into edible sculptures

   Live carving elevates event ambience

   Unique artistry for discerning events

   Tailored designs for themed celebrations

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Add an element of extraordinary artisanship to your next event by choosing to book live fruit and vegetable carving, where the transient beauty of nature meets the timeless talent of our Fruit and Veggie Maestro. Each slice and carve by this artist transcends mere decoration, turning fresh produce into stunning, edible masterpieces that double as a visual and gustatory delight.

Our maestro showcases the ancient Thai art of fruit and vegetable carving, turning watermelons into delicate flowers, cucumbers into intricate leaves, and oranges into radiant masterworks with each meticulous cut. This isn't just a food presentation—an artistic sculpture for fruits and vegetables that becomes the event's focal point, ensnaring the senses and igniting conversations.

When you book talented event artist like ours, you are not just enhancing the culinary experience but incorporating a live performance that visually enchants and exemplifies sophistication. Our artist's hands are like brushes to canvas, producing each piece with a finesse that honors this culturally rich tradition, offering your guests an experience reminiscent of royal Thai banquets.

Be it a corporate gala, a wedding, or a private celebration, our maestro's sculptures for your event elevate the atmosphere to one of cultural elegance and artistic gastronomy. The bespoke nature of each design means that no two performances are alike; each event is tailored, and each sculpture uniquely aligns with your theme and vision.

Secure the Fruit and Veggie Maestro for your event, and witness how the humble fruits and vegetables transform into an exquisite gallery of organic art, providing an unforgettable highlight that will tantalize and fascinate you long after the night ends.


I signed up for the 3-hour carving workshop. I was looking for an interesting indoor, air-conditioned activity to beat the afternoon heat, and this did not disappoint! It was such a fun way to learn a new skill and participate in a little bit of Thai culture. The workshop even includes the carving knife so you can continue to practice at home. I definitely enjoyed myself. Thank you!

Natalie Billick 05/23/2023

My partner and I signed up for the 3 hours course. Definitely something different from your normal cooking class! It was not easy but interesting to learn a traditional skill. We worked on tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers and were amazed how these everyday vegetables can turn into intricate pieces of art. The Fruit and Veggie Maestro was a very professional and patient teacher who taught us passionately.. She went to help us individually to make sure we got the right angles to carve the vegetables. She was also responsive with messages and assisted us the best directions to get to their school. Definitely recommend this activity for a break in Bangkok.

Stephanie Yap 04/09/2023

Best Fruit and Vegetable carving experience. One of the best and skill-full vegetable and fruit carver , She is very helpful and accommodating in assisting you the “ins and out” on how to carve, also the style and technique to create an amazing fruit/vegetable masterpiece as a garnish or an additional ingredients for your recipe/menu.

Myka Marie S 03/18/2023

A great experience. The instructor is very knowledgeable and patient. I was lucky to have private class and learn some of the basic carving skills. Highly recommended

Ad Stack 01/09/2023