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The Charming and Refreshing Magician

booking highlights

   Close-up magic with comedic twists

   Customized illusions for corporate events

   Minimal setup, maximum impact

   Pickpocketing that delights and surprises

   Engaging table-side magical experiences

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Welcome to a realm where enchantment and humor meet professionalism—The Charming and Refreshing Magician is the illusionist and magician for corporate events you've been searching for. Mesmerize your guests from the moment they arrive with magic that unfolds before their very eyes, leaving no room for anything but wonder and applause.

Imagine a social or corporate gathering where a transformed card isn't just a trick but a reminder of the impossible made possible, where dice and coins aren't merely objects but vessels of a magical journey. This is close-up magic reinvented, intimate, and tailored, merging sleight-of-hand sophistication with a comedic flair that charms every spectator.

When you find an experienced event magician, you unlock a world of interactivity and engagement that no other act can offer. Our magician is not just a performer; he is an experience, seamlessly integrating comedy magic events into the fabric of your gathering. With the added thrill of pickpocketing antics, guests get more than a show—they partake in an adventure.

Whether enthralling attendees at their tables or delivering a captivating stand-up act, The Charming and Refreshing Magician guarantees an event brimming with laughter and amazement. Crafted for the corporate environment, his performances respect the occasion while elevating the energy to new heights.

Choose the ultimate in magical entertainment with a performer who embodies the art of illusion with finesse and fun, ensuring your event is not just a date on the calendar but a milestone in memorable occasions.

  • Zara
  • Deutsche Bahn
  • Pfizer
  • Virgin
  • Audi
  • Volksbank
  • Microsoft

Unbeatably charming - I'd love to have you on my team!

Reinhard Ploss - CEO Infineon

Thank you very much for your great show and your sympathetic charisma.

Manja Gerlach - BMW