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A dancer in a traditional Asian costume performs as Lunar New Year entertainment on stage. | Altus Entertainment

Asian Dance Theatre Show

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   One of few performing artists based in the U.S.A who can captivate her audience with authentic Balinese dance

   Performance includes classical Balinese dance in full costume, presentation of Balinese temple masks, interactive talk, and audience participation

   Dance includes the Dance of the Lucky Gods, Japanese Lion Dance, Hyottoko Dance, Hotei, and changing mask routine.

   Has mastered a wide range of Balinese dance in male and female forms with three regional styles

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Embark on a stunning cultural journey with our mesmerizing Japanese dance performance. This art form brings Japan's ancient stories and traditions to vibrant life. If you're looking to hire Asian dance entertainment, our accomplished artist expertly weaves the narrative of age-old myths and the rhythmic beauty of Japanese ceremonial practices into a visual spectacle.

Prepare to be enchanted by the Dance of the Lucky Gods. This performance is a testament to the skill and finesse of our artist, making her one of the top Japanese performance options for events. As she gracefully transitions between the personas of the Longevity God and the Goddess Of Arts And Knowledge, the audience is treated to a display of traditional masks and headdresses that embody the divine power of these deities.

The experience deepens as audience members are invited to don the masks themselves, stepping into a world of myth that has been told for centuries. Our performer's narration of the Kagura dance and its significance in Shinto shrines provides an educational backdrop to an enchanting show, ensuring she stands out amongst other dragon and lion dancers for events.

Dive even deeper into the heart of Asian culture as our performer demonstrates why she's one of the top Asian performance styles for hire. She embodies a mastery of Balinese dance, an art she performs with respect for both male and female roles, across three main regional styles. 

Whether your event needs a touch of elegance, comedy, or an interactive cultural exhibition, our Asian Dance Theatre Show is the perfect addition. Book now to give your guests an extraordinary glimpse into the soul of Japanese culture, a performance where every step tells a story, and every movement is a brushstroke of tradition.


  • East Hawaii Cultural Center, Hilo, HI
  • Shala Center, Chungju, South Korea
  • Santa Ana Theatre, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
  • The Player's Theatre, Sarasota, FL
  • Texas State University, San Marcos, TX
  • Katharine Cornell Theater, Vineyard Haven, MA
  • Namaste Festival, Tokyo, Japan
  • Anand Ashram, Bali, Indonesia
  • Opera House, Sarasota, FL
  • Santa Fe Soul, Santa Fe, NM
  • Volcano Arts Center, Volcano, HI
  • The Source, Albuquerque, NM
  • Northampton Center for the Arts, Northampton, MA
  • Rama Foundation, Taos, NM
  • North Charleston Arts Festival, North Charleston, SC
  • Tablao de Paulette, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • El Sindicato, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
  • Dance Complex, Cambridge, MA
  • Lichtenstein Museum, Pittsfield, MA
  • South Florida Museum, Bradenton, FL
  • Mahalo Art Center, West Brattleboro, VT
  • Center for the Arts, Bonita Springs, FL
  • Anderson Japanese Gardens, Rockford, IL
  • Japan Festival, Houston, TX
  • - and many more.


"The San Miguel audience thoroughly enjoyed this Japanese dance artist's presentation that filled the space with the vibrancy that only performance of this quality could, leaving the audience with a fulfilling experience. We received nothing but wonderful comments from the audience. We highly recommend her work as an artist."

Julieta Lucia Moreno Vega, Biblioteca Publica, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico