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Star Wars themed latte art featuring the character Boba Fett | Altus Entertainment

Talented Coffee Artist

booking highlights

   Crafts artistic espresso and steamed milk designs

   Globally acclaimed, featured in leading magazines and ads

   Crafts portraits of patrons, celebrities, animals, and beyond

   Available for worldwide bookings, based in Los Angeles

   Personalized latte art for each guest

   Elevate coffee breaks to art shows

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Transform your event's refreshment break into an immersive art exhibition when you book exceptional coffee artist for your event. Offer your guests more than just a caffeine fix—give them a visual feast with every cup! Our world-renowned latte artist is a master at etching intricate designs, from stunning portraits to elaborate brand logos, right before your eyes.

Imagine the amazement as onlookers watch a simple cup of coffee become a canvas for beautiful, edible art. Our talented baristas available for events specialize in creating custom designs that cater specifically to your event's theme or company's brand, offering an exclusive, interactive experience that doubles as a conversation starter and a photo opportunity.

Hire a creative coffee artist for corporate functions, trade shows, or private parties to add a sophisticated twist to your gathering. With the expertise to craft each piece quickly, your guests won't just sip on their beverages—they'll take away a personal souvenir from the experience.

We recognize the unique power of combining art with everyday enjoyment. That's why we recommend you elevate your next occasion by allowing us to coordinate when you book exceptional coffee artist for event. Your guests will leave with a lasting impression, not only of the quality of their drink but also of the creativity and elegance of your event.