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Surf Rock Trio

booking highlights

   Blend of indie and emo surf rock

   Pioneers in the midwest emo revival movement

   Unique "happy sounding sad music"

   Energetic live performances

   Diverse musical influences

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Immerse yourself in a unique musical experience with the Surf Rock Trio. This Minneapolis-based indie rock band perfectly encapsulates the essence of emo surf rock, delivering performances that are both emotionally charged and rhythmically captivating.

With their music often described as "happy sounding sad music," this band offers a unique blend of influences, from the melancholic tunes of Death Cab for Cutie to the energetic beats of The Beach Boys. Their hit "Killing Time" and their soul-stirring albums promise a roller-coaster of emotions that resonate with audiences.

The Surf Rock Trio excels in engaging with their audience, imbuing each performance with a distinct energy that makes every show a memorable experience. Whether you're planning rock bands for a wedding or party, or if you're looking to hire a rock trio near you for your event, the Surf Rock Trio is your ticket to an unforgettable night. Hiring Indie rock band acts is the perfect choice!