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Sky Drummers

booking highlights

   High-impact drumming performance from 16-foot high steel poles

   Breath-taking free fall stunt that captivates audiences

   Ideal for making a grand entrance or as an alternative lounge act

   An unforgettable experience that combines music with aerial acrobatics

   Versatile performance suitable for both indoor and outdoor events

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Elevate your entertainment with our Sky Drummers, an act where the beat drops as literally as the adrenaline in your veins. Marvel as drummers, elevated on 16-foot high steel poles, defy gravity and the conventions of music performances. At the peak of tension, the poles hinge, sending the drummers into an electrifying free fall, hovering at a 35-degree angle over your guests.

This isn't just a performance; it's a gravity-defying spectacle. These unique drummer shows make grand entrances and exits unforgettable, our Sky Drummers can welcome your guests with a bang, whether it's the threshold of your venue or an outdoor extravaganza. Their heart-pounding rhythm from above is a salutation guests are unlikely to forget.

Our Sky Drummers also offer a novel twist on lounge music for those seeking an edgier ambiance in their entertainment. Imagine sipping cocktails as the rhythm resonates from above, the energy of a live concert woven into the fabric of an evening soiree.

For an event that aspires to astonish and a welcome that promises to be just as exhilarating as the main attraction, our stilt drummers stand tall. A unique drummer show that guarantees a sky-high pulse and an atmosphere imbued with awe.

Incorporate this breathtaking act into your event lineup and watch as our stilt drummers become the highlight of the night, a topic of conversation, and a memory that elevates above the rest.