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Original High Wire Pirate Show

booking highlights

   Thrilling high wire pirate adventure

   Authentic piracy on the high seas

   Legacy of 10th-generation performers

   Immersive experience with special effects

   Worldwide acclaim at top events

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Prepare to sail on a thrilling voyage as you book high wire pirate show, where perilous stunts and swashbuckling adventures await! This unparalleled show merges the ancient craft of high wire with the audacious spirit of piracy to deliver an entertainment experience like no other. With authentic pirate attire and a staggering ship set, your guests will be transported to the high seas, where balance, precision, and death-defying acts reign supreme.

As professional performers as pirate characters, our crew brings more than just a performance; they bring immersive storytelling to life, engaging your audience with suspenseful music, dynamic lighting, and atmospheric smoke effects. The high wire act is just the beginning. The wheel of death awaits, along with other heart-stopping stunts that will have even the bravest of souls gripping their seats.

Our esteemed pirate performers hail from a 10th-generation family of high-stepping acrobats, revealing a legacy of entertainment embedded in every act they perform. They've captivated crowds across America and beyond, appearing at fairs, festivals, amusement parks, and various corporate events, each delivering a spectacle that resonates with young and old audiences.

Dare to be different, and book high wire pirate show for an event that promises not just a trick but an epic saga of adventure and thrill. This is your chance to offer guests an extraordinary escapade, a story of the high seas they can witness with their own eyes.

Don't let this ship sail without you. Contact our specialists today and anchor down the ultimate pirate show for your next event. It's more than just entertainment—it's a high-flying escapade that will leave your guests with stories to tell for years.


  • Huis Ten Bosch Park Japan
  • North Carolina State Fair
  • New York State Fair
  • LA County Fair
  • Bahrain National Day Manama Bahrain
  • Miami Seaquarium
  • and many more!