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Jack performing traditional Mexican dance onstage | Altus Entertainment

Modern or Classic Mariachi Band

booking highlights

   Traditional mariachi and/or modern music as well

   Performs as a duo, trio, quartet, quintet, or more

   Over 33 years of professional performing

   Captivating blend of Mariachi, Latin Band, and Andean Music

   Performer can tailor their act to suit your event's needs

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Authentic traditional Mariachi for events can transform any occasion into a genuine cultural celebration. With a rich heritage of 33 years serenading audiences across Mexico, the USA, and the Caribbean, our Mariachi band brings unmatched artistry and passion to every performance. Their collaboration with celebrated artists and expansive teaching background enrich their music with depth and authenticity that only true maestros can offer.

In the realm of classic Mexican music bands available to hire, our performers stand out with an impressive arsenal of instruments and musical versatility that spans genres. From the vibrant strums of the acoustic guitar to the soul-stirring melodies of the piano and flutes, they masterfully perform traditional and modern mariachi tunes. The band's repertoire includes beloved Mexican folk, soulful Andean rhythms, Catholic tradition's sacred hymns, and classical pieces' timeless elegance.

Whether it's a private gathering or a grand corporate event, hiring our authentic traditional Mariachi for events ensures a tailored musical voyage that captivates and delights. As the music director of prominent groups and a seasoned performer of diverse Latin music, our leading artist crafts performances that are both innovative and deeply rooted in tradition.

Elevate your event's atmosphere with a musical act steeped in cultural richness and contemporary flair. Book now for a performance that promises traditional and modern mariachi tunes, a tapestry of sound, color, and genuine emotion, leaving your guests with lasting memories and a renewed appreciation for Mariachi's enduring legacy.

  • McDonalds
  • Saddleback Church
  • Guess
  • Schwarzenegger
  • Ted Danson
  • City of Paramount
  • City of Long Beach
  • USC
  • UCLA

Great Band, lots of fun and right on time!They showed up with three people, one played the flute, the music was amazing and everyone loved them, would hire them again--they were very easy to work with

Pj Rosch