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Michael Buble Tribute

booking highlights

   Captivating Michael Buble Tribute Act

    Performance with Broadway and film influences

   Versatile performance with options for band and dancer accompaniments

   Engaging act that appeals to audiences of all ages, perfect for various events

   Professional production with a focus on delivering a memorable and entertaining experience

Services Offered

Michael Buble Tribute PHOTOS

Immerse your audience in a world of timeless elegance and captivating music with our Michael Buble Tribute Act. Perfect for those looking to hire a Michael Buble Style Singer, our tribute act boasts a striking resemblance to the Grammy-winning artist, both in style and voice, promising a nostalgic and electrifying experience.

Our Michael Buble Tribute Act goes beyond mimicry, delivering a unique, sleek, and utterly captivating performance. Stepping on stage, the performer brings a rich career background from Broadway Musicals and films, adding his unique flair and professional touch to every performance.

The act embodies the celebrated singer's style and charm, creating an atmosphere that is as soothing as it is infectious. Accompanied by a talented band and dancers, the tribute act offers a well-rounded performance that keeps guests engaged, dancing, and singing.

So transport your guests to a night of enchanting music and unforgettable performances. Hire our Michael Buble Style Singer for an experience not just modeled after the iconic singer but one that brings its sparkle to your event. Sway, sing along, and get lost in the melodic allure of our Michael Buble Tribute Act today!

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  • The Grill at 1951
  • Vincent Chez Wine Bar
  • Wedding in Alpharetta, GA
  • Many Assisted Living Facilities in south Florida
  • Many 55+ Communities

He sang at an Anniversary party I attended. He has a beautiful voice and such a great personality!

Jennifer Thuy-Tien McCall

Really a feel good show!! Great songs, warm personality and very nice voice"" Truly enjoyable evening!!!

Sheri Swanson

EVERYTHING. He is fantastic talented and handsome a plus. enjoy him. (followed by 13 Heart emojis)

Nilda Ivette Castillo Roman

Great small private party with pure beautiful vocls! Can't wait to hear him with a large band and backup!

Jan Roth