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Magician performing breathtaking fire trick at a live event for an enthusiastic audience | Altus Entertainment

Mesmerizing Strolling Magician

booking highlights

   Magic that happens in your hands

   Strolling magic during cocktail hour or guest arrival

   Close-up magic, mentalism & mind reading performed at tables/reception area

   Opportunity for performer to personally meet all guests

   Builds excitement for main show/performance that he offers

Services Offered

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Elevate your event from the ordinary to the extraordinary with a strolling magician for hire who brings a world of wonder to your fingertips. Our Mesmerizing Strolling Magician captivates and thrills with each card flick and coin vanish, weaving through your event and leaving a trail of astonishment in his wake.

This isn't just magic; it’s a modern marvel of close-up wizardry, designed to create intimate, unforgettable moments. With an array of accolades including "Entertainer of the Year" and a portfolio brimming with high-profile performances, our magician possesses an unmatched caliber of showmanship.

Tailored to your specific event, from corporate functions to private soirées, his close-up magic tricks performer skills will seamlessly blend into your occasion, ensuring your guests are engaged and enchanted. The spellbinding illusions and personable interactions make our magic performance an interactive, immersive experience unlike any other.

Be it intimate gatherings or large-scale galas, our Strolling Close-Up Magician transforms the room into a stage, proving that the most profound magic happens up close and personal. Witness as everyday objects defy reality and mental feats challenge the possibilities, all in the hands of your guests.

Book now and let our magician transcend the boundaries of entertainment, leaving your guests with the resounding question, "How did he do that?" For a touch of elegance, excitement, and enigma, our Mesmerizing Strolling Magician awaits to dazzle at your next event.