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   The ball act is perfect for all kinds of events, from parties to festivals, themed events, and more

   The ball water act is available for events across the US

   Performance that will have your guests cheering and water dancing in the aisle, our aqua sphere act is perfect

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When you’re looking for an elegant and fun way to entertain your guests, look no further than our fantastic water sphere! A perfect addition at any event or social gathering, it will ascend from the pool centered around one of many different types (size) ponds. As this beautiful aquatic artistry performs tricks beneath waves created by customized LED lights mounted on its surface. When you need an unforgettable performance for your next event, look no further than our incredible water-themed sphere act. With a beautifully crafted flotation ball and luminescent performer that will captivate the room with their light show as they enchant guests from every angle in just minutes flat!

If you're looking for a show-stopping performance that will have your guests cheering and water dancing in the aisle, our aqua sphere act is perfect. Featuring a dazzling ball act, our sphere act is professional and boasts a carefree atmosphere that will help your guests relax and experience our marvelous aqua sphere. The perfect entertainment for your event! Our great water performers can be booked as a solo show that will provide the audience with an amazing look. The beautiful sphere-themed performances are fun and sensational, adding visual interest to any gathering or special occasion by giving it something different than other events that have been seen before making them unforgettable. Whether you're looking at smaller gatherings like private parties, gruesome galas, or larger festivals. Contact our Altus Entertainment specialists today.