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A colorful LED dance floor for Cyber Monday entertainment. | Altus Entertainment

LED Dance Floor

booking highlights

   Interactive light show that reacts to dance steps as an option

   Customizable size to fit any venue

   Option to display logos or custom messages

   Can be transformed into a LED catwalk

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Looking to make your next event truly unforgettable? Consider hiring an LED Dance Floor. This isn't your average dance floor. It's a spectacle of lights and colors that reacts to the rhythm of the music and the dancers' steps. Imagine your guests surprise when they step onto the floor and their movements create a mesmerizing light show.

Each tile of the LED Dance Floor is 2 ft by 2 ft, allowing you to customize the size of the floor to fit your venue perfectly. But the customization doesn't stop there. Want to make a statement? You can add your logo or a custom message to the LED display, making it a unique branding opportunity or a personalized touch for special occasions.

The LED Dance Floor isn't just for dancing. It can be transformed into a LED catwalk for fashion shows, adding a modern and exciting twist to your event. As models walk down the catwalk, the floor reacts to their steps, creating a dynamic and interactive experience for both the models and the audience.

So, if you want to elevate your event and create a memorable experience for your guests, hiring an LED Dance Floor is the way to go. It's more than just a dance floor. It's an interactive light show that will keep guests entertained and engaged all night.