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KISS Mini Tribute Band

booking highlights

   One of the most sought-after KISS tribute acts today

   Able to create a high-energy KISS tribute performance in under an hour

   Available for worldwide bookings, based in New York

   Featured on multiple television programs such as The George Lopez Show and Conan O’Brien Show

   Flexible performance options to fit any event

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Get ready to rock and roll all night with an unforgettable rendition of KISS's iconic music, performed by our outstanding KISS tribute band. As one of the industry's leading acts, our group features the most extraordinary mini entertainers and dwarf acts available today. From the moment they step onto the stage, these artists will captivate and amaze you with their musical prowess and spot-on homage to the legendary glam rockers of KISS.

Our KISS tribute band is the embodiment of KISS's spirit, from their thunderous anthems to their sensational showmanship that famously defined the classic 1970s style KISS Stage Shows. Each performer is meticulously adorned to echo the larger-than-life presence of the original performers, ensuring that every beat of the drum and strum of the guitar resonates with authenticity.

Passionate about creating the most entertaining live show possible, this band is not only about quality music but about an entire experience that pays tribute to the timeless appeal of KISS. Whether you're looking to hire KISS tribute band for a full-length concert or a condensed show to fit within your event timeline, these seasoned artists are adept at fine-tuning their set to deliver a high-energy performance that suits your individual needs.

So, if you're eager to treat your guests to an authentic KISS music experience that recreates the magic of the 1970s, look no further. Book our KISS tribute band to play and watch as they deliver a show that's both dynamic and true to the essence of the rock legends themselves.