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Interactive Wandering Puppets

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   Award-winning spectacular puppet characters

   Surreal, organic puppet designs

   Skilled puppeteers and stilt walkers

   Non-verbal, immersive performances

   Adaptable for diverse public spaces

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Are you looking to hire interactive wandering puppets that will captivate and mesmerize your audience? Look no further! Our multiformat puppets, meticulously crafted by a talented team of plastic artists, puppeteers, and stilt walkers, offer a truly original walkabout act for events that will leave a memorable impression with your audience.

These unique characters for festival or event bring an organic and enchanting appearance to any setting. Inspired by surreal biodiversity, their movements create an immersive experience that transforms public spaces into magical realms. This unconventional, non-verbal performance constantly evolves, redefining social and urban rules, and engaging audiences in a way that invites them to ponder their own reactions to these intriguing creatures.

Perfect for festivals, corporate events, and public celebrations, our interactive wandering puppets will add a touch of wonder and excitement to any occasion. As they roam and interact with the crowd, they create moments of surprise and delight, ensuring that your event stands out from the ordinary.

When you hire interactive wandering puppets from us, you are not just getting a performance; you are providing an unforgettable experience that captivates audiences of all ages. Their ability to seamlessly blend into various environments makes them ideal for creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere for all.

Don’t miss the chance to elevate your event with this mesmerizing act. Contact us today to book these unique characters for your festival or event. Let our interactive wandering puppets bring magic and enchantment to your next gathering, ensuring it is a memorable success.


  • Toronto international busker fest
  • Waterloo international busker carnival
  • FIAMS (Festival international des arts de la marionnettes à Saguenay)
  • Festival Juste pour rire
  • Festin de los munecos (Guadalajara)
  • Puppet international Festival Zagreb (PIF)
  • Quartier des spectacles Montréal
  • TOHU (Cité des arts du cirque) Montréal
  • Journées des arts de la marionnette à Tunis (JAMC)
  • Festival Marionnettes plein la rue
  • et bien plus...