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Inspiring Healthcare and Motivational Speaker

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   A dynamic keynote speaker that speaks on Pharmaceutical Sales

   Uses personal stories to create and develop trust with his audience to provide real-life examples of change

   Can expertly speak on the healthcare industry

   Has motivational speeches about overcoming adversity

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Introducing a transformative force in the world of pharmaceutical sales: a speaker who brings a wealth of personal resilience and professional achievement to every engagement. This speaker's awe-inspiring journey of overcoming adversity serves as a testament to the power of adaptability, resilience, and ambition. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by pharmaceutical organizations today, they provide invaluable insights and strategies for success.

Are you grappling with changes in your marketplace? Are you striving to implement new sales systems or demonstrate the value of your brand to patients? Are you facing increased cost pressures or exploring new partnerships in your supply chain? This speaker provides the motivation and guidance to navigate these complex issues and more. Remember, the measure of success lies in how well you respond to adversity and change. With the right mindset, your organization can conquer any obstacle and achieve unprecedented growth.


The Carestream experience with him was nothing short of extraordinary. He did not simply speak to our people, he transformed the way we think, and challenged us to reframe and purposefully examine where we are and where we want to be. Through his personal story, he illustrated how to address adversity in a productive, empowering way. He shared personal examples of how each element of his mantra and framework (vision-mindset-grit) contributed to his moving forward, and by codifying his approach, he allowed us to adopt his learning for our application. The few moments when my eyes left him to see how our people were receiving him, I was moved by the extent of their engagement; eyes riveted, leaning forward, holding their breath, crying and laughing, riding his highs and lows with him. He connected with our group at a deep and meaningful level. From my 40 years of experience in this business, I place him among the giants in this field. Tactically, he was diligent and invested in preparing for our group, professional and proactive in all communications with us, genuine and personal in his delivery, and masterful in working our reality into his message. A consummate professional. I feel fortunate to have met and worked with him, and we are better people and professionals who have experienced his presence.

Neil Bryant | Vice President, Sales Development, US&C, CARESTREAM

I’ve been sourcing speakers for our annual leadership meeting for several years, and this year I believe his message was one of the most powerful and resonating keynotes witnessed by our attendees. There is a turning point in his message where I can guarantee your audience will all rise to their feet in thunderous applause, emotionally thunderstruck by the moment. His personal story of tragedy would ultimately prove to be no match for his will to triumph through Vision, Mindset & Grit. I don’t think there is another person out there that truly 'walks the talk' as a keynote speaker. If you want to be reassured and inspired that the human will is stronger than life’s setbacks and there really are no limits to your dreams, let it happen with him.

John T. DeLorenzo, Group Insurance

This is exactly what the doctor ordered to maintain our motivation and momentum

Hugh McHaffie, President U.S. Wealth Management, John Hancock