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Ice Sculpture Bongs

booking highlights

   Can carve any bong imagined or any sculpture into a bong

   Outlast the event by up to 8 hours or longer

   Hand-carved ice bongs, custom made by award-winning Alaskan trained ice artist

Services Offered

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The ice bong carver is an internationally award-winning professional who will bring your dreams to life as he sculpts beautiful, customized bongs out of ice and provides you with unique event art that can be enjoyed by all. Our skilled ice sculptor can create handcrafted sculptures and smokeable pieces for cannabis-friendly parties. The perfect addition to your next event, our artist will cool the smoke in one of many custom-shaped Chambers. He's a professional ice bong sculptor who has been creating these cool pieces for years.

He can make your favorite cannabis product launch or just provide ambient entertainment at friendly parties and private events. Ice bong sculptures will typically last about 6-8 hours depending on temperature and location, as outside elements such as sun and wind can affect the sculpture. Contact our entertainment specialists today to find out how to make the very best of your customized ice sculpture. Contact our entertainment specialist today.


  • Warner Bros
  • Nike
  • Intel
  • Fred Meyer
  • Pacific Seafood
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Krayzie Bone