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Hollywood Host and Auctioneer

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   He is a professional event emcee and auctioneer who warms up audiences on tv shows such as Disney, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and more.

   He has opened up for Americas Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, and more

   Available for worldwide events and based in Los Angeles, USA

   He's best known as a TV personality in Hollywood, where he hosts network Audience Warm-ups.

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Step onto the red carpet and experience the excitement of Tinseltown at your next event with top Hollywood host for hire. Our seasoned emcee offers the glitz, glamour, and electrifying enthusiasm you'd expect from a seasoned game show host. His journey from aspiring entertainer to becoming the pulse of Hollywood audiences is nothing short of remarkable. Now, he's ready to lend his charismatic talents to your event.

With an ability to captivate any crowd and a résumé that boasts appearances on the hottest TV shows like The Price is Right, America's Got Talent, and The Voice, our host is the epitome of entertainment excellence. As an auctioneer booking agency that understands the importance of energy and engagement, we take pride in representing experienced auctioneers suitable for your auction or charity event, ensuring every bid is thrilling. Every attendee is part of the excitement.

This isn't just any host; he's the maestro of ceremonies who will transform your auction into a spectacular show. Backed by years of experience and a natural flair for showmanship, our Hollywood Host ensures a lively and successful event. Ranked number one for five consecutive years, his reputation precedes him as an auctioneer who can charm and invigorate bidders to reach new heights.

Make your next event a function and a blockbuster extravaganza with top Hollywood host for hire. Contact Altus Entertainment today, and let our specialist help you secure the master of the mic, the auctioneer extraordinaire, the voice that everyone will remember.