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Highly Experienced Pianist

booking highlights

   Prestigious venues, hundreds of events yearly

   Personalized performances for every event

   State-of-the-art sound and equipment

   Wide repertoire including jazz and weddings

   Over 30 years captivating audiences

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Enrich your event with the musical artistry of our top rated pianist for hire, a maestro whose fingers dance over piano keys to the delight of audiences for over three decades. This experienced pianist has a vast collection of Cocktail-Jazz-Standards, Christmas, Wedding, and Liturgical music that has adorned the atmosphere of prestigious venues, private homes, and luxury yachts, earning him the status of the first call for many discerning agents and event planners.

Imagine the ambiance of your event enhanced by the elegant sounds of a piano, providing the perfect backdrop for cocktail hours, dinner parties, and wedding ceremonies. Whether the occasion calls for the reverent chords of a liturgical piece or the warm, inviting jazz melodies, our highly experienced pianist masters each note with precision and passion.

Offering flexibility and ease, this talented pianist with years of experience ensures your event's music is taken care of, whether you prefer to use an in-house piano or his state-of-the-art portable equipment, which includes a digital piano keyboard, Bose sound systems, wireless microphones, and iPod hookups for additional musical selections.

Performing at over two hundred events annually, our experienced pianist is not just a pianist—he is an artisan of atmosphere, creating a seamless and stress-free musical experience. With the sophistication of his performances, this pianist stands out as an illustrious figure, ready to bring auditory elegance to any event.

So, hire a professional pianist who comes fully self-contained and prepared to meet and exceed your entertainment expectations. Let his music bring a touch of finesse to your event, making every moment resonate with the beauty of expertly played piano.