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A woman performing a speciality act riding a horse in front of a crowd at a cabaret stage show. | Altus Entertainment

High-End Gladiator Equestrian Show

booking highlights

   Thrilling gladiator costumes and special effects

   Diverse acts including aerial performers and contortionists

   Chariot racing and gladiators game show

   Passionate performers with rescue horses

   Perfect for festivals and corporate functions

Services Offered

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Experience the thrill and excitement of a high-impact, world-class animal show by hiring our High-End Gladiator Equestrian Show. Perfect for festivals, corporate functions, and events of all sizes, this stunning gladiator show for events will leave your guests feeling like winners. With astounding gladiator-style costumes, impressive props, and special effects, our equestrian performers provide an unforgettable performance that entertains guests of all ages.

When you hire gladiator show and medieval entertainment, you're not just booking a performance; you're embarking on an extraordinary journey. Our show features various acts, including horses, aerial performers, contortionists, professional dancers, fire-performing artists, chariot racing, trick riding, and more. There's something here to captivate everyone, making it the perfect choice for diverse audiences.

Our gladiators game show and chariot race are among the highlights of this spectacular event. Imagine the excitement as chariots race around the arena, driven by skilled performers in stunning gladiator costumes. The combination of thrilling action and breathtaking artistry ensures a dynamic and engaging experience for all your guests.

One of the most remarkable aspects of our show is our dedication to working with rescue horses. These passionate performers have a deep love for their horses, which shines through in every act. This commitment adds an extra layer of meaning to the performance and creates a unique bond between the audience and the performers.

By hiring our High-End Gladiator Equestrian Show, you guarantee an experience of a lifetime. This international headlining show has captivated audiences worldwide. Now, it can add a touch of medieval magic and excitement to your event. Take advantage of the opportunity to bring this extraordinary spectacle to your guests.

Contact Altus Entertainment today to hire gladiator show and medieval entertainment that will leave your audience spellbound. Let us help you create a memorable and thrilling event with our stunning gladiator show for events.