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Grammy-Nominated Singer

booking highlights

   Breathtaking vocal range and power

   Detroit's finest R&B and blues talent

   Stunning stage presence with live band

   Tailored performances for diverse events

   Grammy-nominated artistry and repertoire

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Elevate your event to a realm of musical excellence with our Grammy-nominated singer, whose voice is as unforgettable as her presence is commanding. Immerse your guests in an evening of soulful artistry as she takes the stage, bringing the heart of Detroit's rich musical heritage. This artist's Grammy-nominated status is a testament to her extraordinary vocal range and emotive performances that resonate deep within one's soul.

Imagine the soundtrack to your event delivered by a Grammy-nominated artist, accompanied by a masterful 5 5-piece band and 2 brilliant background vocalists—each performance is not merely a setlist but a journey through the essence of rhythm & blues. Whether serenading with sultry ballads or energizing the room with dance music standards, her dynamic stage presence ensures unparalleled entertainment.

As you plan your gala, corporate event, or special celebration, consider the prestige and passion of hiring a high-caliber vocalist. Her music transcends the ordinary, captivating audiences with every note. It leaves an indelible mark on the memory of all who attend.

Select our Grammy-nominated singer for an experience that commands applause and evokes emotion. Book this performance today, defined by passion, professionalism, and Grammy-recognized talent.


  • Pleasanton County Fair
  • Arts & Soul
  • Hayward Blues Festival
  • San Jose Blues Festival
  • Oklahoma Blues Festival
  • Arkansas Blues Blues Festival
  • Monterey Blues Festival
  • Home Grown Blues Festival
  • Godfather Winery
  • Oakland Marriott