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Elegant woman showcasing artistic makeup with silver leaf designs and gem embellishments around eyes for an ethereal appearance | Altus Entertainment

Glitter and Glam Face Painter

booking highlights

   Transformative glitter and glam designs

   Wide array of imaginative face painting options

   Efficient service for continuous entertainment

   Custom requests to cater to everyone's taste

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Add a touch of sparkle to your next event with the exuberant artistry of our Glitter and Glam Face Painter, the premier choice for bringing fantasy to life in Las Vegas. Our talented artists offer a vast array of dazzling designs, transforming guests of all ages into whatever their hearts desire – brave superheroes, majestic animals, or enchanting fairies.

When you decide to hire a face painter from our team, you're not just getting an artist; you're providing a gateway to a world of imagination for your guests. Our glitter face painting service is a hit at birthday parties, community events, and corporate functions alike, ensuring everyone leaves with a smile on their painted face.

Efficiency and flair are at the heart of what we do. Our artists can expertly adorn 12-15 faces per hour, ensuring no one misses out on the fun. Our face painting is customizable, allowing every guest to choose from our expansive design board or request something uniquely their own.

Elevate the atmosphere of your occasion with the Glitter and Glam Face Painter. Whether planning a small gathering or a grand celebration, our professionals can add that special sparkle, making your event memorable and picture-perfect.