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Giant Panda Act

booking highlights

   Teaches wildlife conservation

   Great for all ages

   Seize the opportunity to feed a Giant Panda bamboo

   Beautiful animatronic puppets and interactive show

   Learn more our panda's life and natural environment from our informed zoologist

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Get ready for an unforgettable experience with our Giant Panda Act! Have you ever imagined getting up close with a giant panda? Now is your chance to meet ChiChi and SingSing, our gentle and playful pandas. This lively and educational show lets you feed them bamboo and learn about their fascinating lives.

Our interactive animal show for hire isn't just about watching pandas from a distance. You'll have the unique opportunity to interact with them and see their playful side. Guided by our informed zoologist, you'll gain insights into their natural habitat and behaviors. This is a rare chance to ask your own questions and learn everything you've ever wanted to know about pandas.

Perfect for schools, corporate events, or family gatherings, this giant panda act is a perfect blend of fun and education. Imagine the delight on everyone's faces as they feed the pandas and gain insights into their lives. This educational animal show is crafted to engage all ages, making it a stellar addition to any event.

When you hire animal experience like this, you opt for a memorable and enlightening act. Our pandas play a crucial role in teaching important lessons about wildlife and conservation in a captivating way. It's not just a show; it's an experience that leaves a profound and lasting impression.

Make sure to make your event memorable with our giant panda act. Hire this lively and educational show to bring smiles, laughter, and learning to your next gathering. Book now and make any event truly unforgettable!