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Fragrance Workshop

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   High-quality fragrance bar that features top trending scents and perfumes for your guests to discover and try in this top of the line workshop

   Fragrance Expert who has worked with Elizabeth Arden, Lancome and Tiffany & Co., Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes, Zendaya, and more

   Perfect to host team-building events or presentations, bridal showers, corporate events, private parties, and more

   Available for world-wide bookings, based in New York

   Craft your signature scent personally

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Envelop your event in the allure of personalized luxury with our perfume creation workshop, where guests embark on a sensory journey to unearth their unique essence. Altus Entertainment presents an exquisite fragrance making workshop that melds the art of perfumery with the science of scent, offering a bespoke experience that tantalizes the senses and captivates the mind.

Amidst the swish of a party or the camaraderie of a corporate event, invite your attendees to dive into a world of aromatic blends, where sparkling citrus, luscious florals, and rich spices come together to form an olfactory palette like no other. It's an interactive soiree of scents, where each participant can play alchemist, crafting a signature perfume to echo their personal style and spirit.

Guided by an expert perfume connoisseur, the fragrance making workshop transcends mere mixology. Here, guests gain insight into the profound connection between fragrance and memory, exploring how a whiff of grapefruit or mandarin can evoke moments of joy, or a hint of spice can unlock reservoirs of emotion. This workshop becomes a time capsule of scents, linking personal stories to social and historical tapestries.

Whether it's fostering team spirit through a shared sensory adventure, adding a touch of refinement to bridal showers, or elevating private affairs and corporate events to chic new heights, our perfume workshop is the essence of sophistication. With our custom fragrance bar, guests are afforded the luxury to compose an aroma that signifies their desires, be it romance, power, or playful charm.

Secure the fragrance making workshop for your next event with Altus Entertainment and let the alchemy of perfume turn your gathering into an unforgettable extravaganza. Contact your entertainment specialist today, and grant your guests the ultimate parting gift—a scent that's distinctly their own, curated by their own hand at your extraordinary event.

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