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Female Hip-Hop Artist

booking highlights

   Riveting performances by a top female hip-hop artist

   Versatile artist with singing, songwriting, and acting skills

   Host of a popular iHeartRadio podcast

   Known for chart-topping singles and energetic shows

   International touring experience with renowned artists

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Female Hip-Hop Artist PHOTOS

Ignite the stage of your event with the dynamism and prowess of our Female Hip-Hop Artist. Embodied by a powerhouse of talent, our artist represents the best of top female hip-hop artists and is renowned for her engaging performances and hit singles.

Our Female Hip-Hop Artist doesn’t just perform; she brings a high-powered fusion of music, storytelling, and entrepreneurship. Known for her chart-topping singles "Queen for A Night" and "Thirsty," she has carved out a significant space in the hip-hop industry, aligning herself with the top female hip-hop artists.

This versatile performer is not just about the music; she's a TV host, actress, and entrepreneur. Her eccentricity and creative instinct extend to her entrepreneurial ventures, reflecting her ability to stay relevant and engaging across platforms. Moreover, she's a passionate communicator, connecting with audiences on a deeper level through her podcast.

Having toured with prominent artists and her music making appearances on popular TV shows like MTV’s “Real World” and Oxygen Channel’s “Bad Girls Club," our Female Hip-Hop Artist delivers performances that stay etched in the minds of the audience long after the show ends.

If you're seeking to add a dose of high-energy performance and the authentic vibe of hip-hop to your event, our Female Hip-Hop Artist is your perfect pick. Witness the magic of a performance that transcends the ordinary and propels your event to new heights.

  • SF Berber performance Twice

This is a phenomenal entertainer. I wouldn’t even classify her as just an artist just an overall entertainer who keeps the crowd moving!

Meghan Gallagher Williams