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An all-female comedian is performing a comedy act on stage in front of an audience. | Altus Entertainment

Female Comedian and Emcee

booking highlights

   NYC and Miami's finest comedy talent

   Advocacy through laughter

   Energizes events with wit and charm

   Seasoned opener for national headliners

   Emcee with a cause

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Amplify the fun at your next event with an extraordinary female comedy emcee for hire. This funny female comedian elevates the atmosphere of any gathering with her infectious energy and sharp wit. Hailing from the bustling comedy scenes of NYC and Miami, she has earned her stripes by regularly warming up stages for top headliners. Her unique brand of humor entertains and resonates, creating a memorable experience for all.

Besides her ability to tickle the funny bone, what truly makes her stand out is her dedication to championing vital social issues. As a vocal advocate for domestic violence awareness and gender equality, she seamlessly weaves significant themes into her comedy, proving that laughter can be thought-provoking and transformative. Book a female presenter for your event that embodies such passion and purpose in a surefire way to inspire as well as entertain your guests.

Whether you're looking to hire a funny female comedian who can thread humor through an evening or a spirited emcee to keep the event running smoothly, our artist is the full package. Her comedic talent is matched only by her empathetic connection with the audience—making every joke land and every introduction resonate.

Don't just host an event; create an experience that will have your attendees raving. Our female comedy emcee for hire is ready to take your stage and turn your event into an unforgettable fusion of fun and fervor. Where humor meets heart, she's not just telling jokes; she's setting the mood for a spectacular event.


  • Redbull
  • Maybelline
  • Bitcoin Festival Miami
  • The Beauty Factor Conference
  • Columbia Records/Sony