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Fan Dance Show

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   Recipients of "Best large group" and "Most innovative" at The Burlesque Hall of Fame

   Experienced performers with national TV and prestigious event credits

   High-energy, empowering performances with custom glamorous costumes

   A versatile act perfect for various events, from nightlife to corporate functions

   A troupe of fan dancers celebrated for their artistry and ability to captivate any audience

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Step into a world where glamour meets artistry with our award-winning Fan Dance Show, a spectacle that embodies the elegance and innovation celebrated by The Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. These renowned fan dancers bring a touch of classic New York City nightlife to every performance, captivating audiences with the timeless allure of their dance.

Having graced stages and events both locally and nationally, our fan dancers are celebrated for their dynamic presence across various nightlife spots, private gatherings, and corporate functions, as well as on television and film. With appearances on America's Got Talent and performances at esteemed venues including The New York Public Library, The Philadelphia Museum, and The Natural History Museum, they bring a diverse range of experiences to every show.

The troupe's dedication to excellence is evident in their stunning, high-energy routines and breathtakingly glamorous costumes, designed to both enthrall and empower audiences. The fan dance, an act as visually striking as it is emotionally stirring, is performed with passion and precision, making it a standout addition to any event.

Whether you're seeking a fan dancer performance that transports your guests to the opulent era of the cabaret or cabaret fan dancers who can bring a sense of grandeur to a contemporary setting, our troupe is the embodiment of high-caliber entertainment.

Book our Fan Dance Show today and let us bring the magic of fan dancing to your venue, leaving your audience wide-eyed and full of wonder with every flourish and twirl of our exquisite fans.