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Eco-Ocean Artivist

booking highlights

   Elemental surrealism with an eco-conscious heart

   Over a decade of visual arts experience

   International eco-art projects lead

   Inspiring activism through public art

   Transform spaces and mindsets with art

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If your mission is to infuse art and environmental activism into your space, our Eco-Ocean Artivist is the visual-arts experts for hire that you need. Trained in fine arts and fueled by a deep passion for ocean stewardship, our artivist's 'elemental surrealism' style captures the wonder of the natural world with each stroke of the brush, creating a visual dialogue that invites reflection and inspires change.

Our award-winning Eco-Ocean Artivist, visual-arts experts for hire,  brings more than just imagery to your walls; she brings a movement—a call to action. With each mural and public art piece, she weaves stories of wildlife, figurative narratives, and atmospheric effects into a conversation about conservation and our environment's health.

Book talented visual arts specialist like our artivist means collaborating with an experienced artist, but also an eco-warrior committed to leveraging creativity for the greater good. She has led international projects, been a pivotal member of art collectives, and has left a trail of awe-inspiring public works that double as poignant environmental statements.

Invite our Eco-Ocean Artivist to magnify the message of sustainability within your community or organization. Her art is more than decoration; it's an investment in a future where the beauty of our planet is recognized and revered. Make a bold and beautiful statement by hiring an artist whose work doesn't just decorate spaces but transforms perspectives.


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