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Colorful Human Octopus

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   Wacky, fun, and hilarious Human Octopus that brings entertainment to audiences of all ages

   Unique Octopus dance performance showcasing a talented entertainer in an deep sea creature costume

   Has entertained audiences in over 58 countries around the world in cabaret shows, theatres, cruise ships, and on TV

   Available for worldwide bookings

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What’s not to love about this incredible human octopus? They have it all: talent, energy, and an amazing sense of humor. This astonishing octopus dance show is performed by our proficient dancer in a unique costume. Don't be surprised by its writhing tentacles that have an international deep sea monster. This Incredible octopus dance act is performed by our talented dancer in a striking costume that resembles the writhing tentacles of a deep sea monster. They will amaze audiences with his astounding twists and flips, creating a mesmerizing performance. This impressive dance performance showcases a stunning female dancer who performs side by side with the dancing octopus creating a unique routine. Your audience will be awe-struck as our talented dancer performs with this wonderful slithering creation from the deep. The guests will be blown away by the bizarre and ingenious act of our octopus creature. 

They'll never take their eyes off these unusual shapes and positions it creates! What could be more unforgettable than an act that combines human performance with the capabilities of an octopus? Our talented team can create any ambiance you need to make your event unique. The human octopus has been doing a one-of-a-kind dance show all over the world and stunning audiences with its unique performance. The act has been a sensation in the international spotlight, performing before audiences of all ages and backgrounds. As the act begins, beautiful female dancers take to stage followed by a mysterious creature from below the sea. The duo's performance is a strange and mesmerizing blend of the mundane with an otherworldly existence. This octopus is constantly on the move, always in motion. With wacky shapes and moves that are sure to delight any child or adult alike this dancing creature will be an unforgettable sight for those who see it! To book, contact your entertainment specialist at Altus Entertainment.