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Human Cannonball USA

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   In this performance human being fired from a cannon flying outrageously high in the sky

   The amazing, talented and skilled stunt performer has been working in this field for over a decade

   The extreme entertainment performer will impress your audience with his unique acts, no matter what the event

   Stunt act is available to perform worldwide, including in North America

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Book our Cannonball Stunt Act for your next event! This is one of the best stunts in all humanity and is available worldwide. With amazing artists providing first-class extreme entertainment, you'll be sure to leave with a smile on your face from this daredevil show that will have your covered eyes at least once during its duration. The fun part about booking this act is seeing something you have never thought possible but also knowing how much effort went behind making such an incredible experience happen.

We don't think there's anything more extreme than shooting oneself out of a cannon at what could be considered one the most deadly acts in show business. Our professional stuntman has even earned himself some key nicknames that suggest just how death-defying his work is. We provide entertainment for you and your guests with his thrilling performances, which will ensure everyone talks about it forevermore. There's nothing like seeing a man fly through the air at extreme speeds. Altus Entertainment strives in bringing some of today’s most talented daredevil stunt acts to events worldwide.

 Our stuntman has been fired out of his cannon over 1000 times and counting, the stuntman is an integral part of any event. A true daredevil at heart he can bring something special to your upcoming event whether it's an outdoor movie premiere or rock concert. The Cannonball act is the perfect choice for any event looking to spice things up. This high-energy performance can provide some customization, allowing you more interaction and highly flammable fun! If this sounds like your idea of entertainment then get in touch with our amazing team today - we'd love nothing else than making sure that every moment spent at an occasion goes beyond expectations."