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Alluring Snake Charmer

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   Whether she's providing a full stage show or meeting and greeting guests, this glamorous snake model can make any occasion unforgettable.

   She has appeared on The Tonight Show and worked with clients including Nokia and IBM.

   She's a model, magician, and fire eater who also owns several exotic animals.

    Available to perform at events worldwide and based in Las Vegas

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This woman has devoted her life to caring for and nurturing mistreated animals. With high-impact performances that include sensual snake-handling skills, she is able to achieve dangerous and thrilling live stunts! Our alluring snake charmer owns 25 snakes and 26 other exotic animals. Come see the amazing snake charmer, magician, and fire eater perform in a show that is full of tricks! You will be able to enjoy all your favorite entertainment with this innate entertainer. Whether you're looking for magic or just need some fun routines on stage she can provide it, no matter what type her act may entail there's always something new waiting around every corner. You won't be able to resist the enchanting performance of our snake charmer! From family-friendly shows for younger audiences or more risqué entertainment, this professional will make your event an unforgettable experience. Highly sought after by clients such as corporations, private parties, and multiple television programs alike, her magnetic personality is sure not only to captivate but also entertain you until its end. Our alluring snake charmer is a multi-talented performer specializing in full-length magic shows, fire-eating demonstrations, snake charming, and magnificant walkabout entertainment. Contact us today and we'll help you charm your guests away at your next event!