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Unique Brand Reveal Acts

Unique Brand Reveal Acts

Make your brand stand out with our Unique Brand Reveal Acts! Our superb performers are attuned to your needs, creating customized performances that reflect your company's mission and history. With an amazing assortment of images and special effects, we enhance your brand like never before. Hire a Unique Brand Reveal Act today


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If you are looking to create and execute a totally unique brand reveal or other presentation, Altus can provide you with many choices. We have an amazing roster of superb performers who are completely attuned to the needs and desires of companies both large and small.

We can customize performances which perfectly dovetail and reflect your company’s mission statement and history. We bring forth your messages and corporate goals while incorporating an amazing assortment of images and special effects to further enhance your brand. Specialty foods can be created along with drinks reflecting your desired theme. Magicians, singers, dancers and even robots will all contribute to make a totally unique experience for all in attendance.