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Exotic Asian Entertainment for Hire

Altus Entertainment offers an exquisite selection of exotic Asian entertainment for hire. From mesmerizing Asian dancers to captivating musical acts and Chinese dragon dancers, our performances authentically showcase Asia's rich cultural heritage, perfect for any event.

FAQ: Asian Acts

We offer a diverse range of acts, including acrobatic martial arts, classic Balinese dances, and more from various Asian countries like China, India, Japan, Korea, and others.

Absolutely! Our performers can tailor their acts to align with a specific cultural theme or tradition you have in mind, ensuring an authentic experience.

Yes, our artists are well-versed in traditional Asian arts, ensuring that each performance is authentic and true to its cultural roots.


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Hire Chinese Entertainment and More for Events and Parties

Discover the enchanting world of Asian entertainment with Altus Entertainment, where tradition meets modernity in a spectacular showcase of artistry. Our exotic Asian entertainment for hire brings the vibrant cultures of Asia right to your doorstep, perfect for any event seeking a touch of the extraordinary.

Imagine the allure of Asian dancers for hire, moving gracefully to the rhythms of ancient melodies, their performances a blend of cultural heritage and contemporary choreography. From the elegant movements of Chinese dragon dancers to the energetic beats of Bollywood, our dancers captivate audiences with their skill and passion.

But our offerings go beyond dance. Book an Asian musical act and immerse your guests in the melodious sounds of the East. Our musicians are masters of their craft, playing traditional instruments with a finesse that transports listeners to another world. Whether it's the soothing strings of a Chinese guzheng or the powerful drums of a Japanese taiko, our musical acts are a feast for the senses.

For those looking to add a dramatic flair to their event, our Chinese dragon dancers for hire near me are a must-see. These majestic performances, rich in symbolism and history, are not just entertainment; they're a celebration of Asian culture and artistry.

At Altus Entertainment, we pride ourselves on offering authentic and high-quality Asian entertainment. Our artists are carefully selected for their skill and dedication to their craft, ensuring that every performance is a true representation of Asia's diverse cultural landscape.

Whether you're planning a corporate event, a cultural festival, or a private celebration, our exotic Asian entertainment for hire will elevate your event to new heights.