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Mixologists and Flair Bartenders

Mixologists for hire and Flair Bartenders for hire

Elevate your event and entertain your guests with world-class mixologists and flair bartenders. Not only do they craft delicious drinks, but their thrilling tricks will keep your guests entertained and engaged. Perfect for any event, our mixologists bring a stylish and entertaining drink service.

FAQ: Mixologists and Flair Bartenders

A Mixologist is a skilled bartender who crafts delicious drinks. They specialize in making custom menus and drinks so your event has a flavor all its own.

These bartenders don't mix drinks. They turn every cocktail into a show. From flipping bottles like a juggler to tossing ice from glass to glass.

Flair Bartenders perform a variety of tricks to keep your guests entertained and engaged. These can include ice throws, bottle stalls, and other exciting maneuvers that add a unique flair to the drink-making process.

If you or your guests prefer non-alcoholic beverages, Flair Mixologists can craft exquisite mocktails, ensuring everyone can enjoy the unique drink experience.


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Mixology and flairmakes for a big Wow! at your event

Are you sick of the same old bartenders who always make the same basic margaritas and martinis? Then get ready to take your event to the next level with our Flair Bartenders and Mixologists for hire! Our talented team of private bartenders provides a personalized and unforgettable experience with exciting cocktail menus, customizable freestanding bars featuring your branding, and award-winning international mixologists and flair bartenders who know how to make every drink a show. If you don't like alcohol? No worries! Our bartenders and mixologists provide exquisite mocktails, so no one misses the experience.

Our mixologists for hire provide delicious drinks to thrill your taste buds while adding a flair bartender can deliver thrilling tricks, from ice throws to bottle stalls, to keep your guests entertained and engaged. They're perfect for adding excitement to any event, including product launches, corporate events, nightclubs, restaurants, resorts, corporate incentive days, hen nights, and stag dos.

With our stylish and entertaining drink service, your guests will chat about this event for years after it's over. Why settle for a basic bar? You can have a show and exquisite drinks! Contact us today to book the ultimate cocktail experience your guests will never forget!