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Interactive Magician Las Vegas

booking highlights

   Customizable interactive magic show to fit any event

   A spectacular reminder of your youth, captivated by the impossible with tinker toys, gumbo and pokey slinky, and more.

   Great for drinks receptions, VIP parties and events

   Walkabout magic, juggling, and illusions to enchant guests

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You won't find a more entertaining or thoughtful host than our close-up magician! His charisma will keep your guests hanging on every word, and his magic tricks are beyond clever. Plus his an excellent sense of humor that always leaves people laughing despite themselves. He has put together a close-up magic show using actual toys from your youth. Prepare for the impossible with tinker Toys, gumbo, and pokey slinky - get ready to be amazed. If you're looking for a showman who can juggle, magic tricks and cut women in half then our Circus Entertainer is the man! A versatile entertain with years of experience performing as both walkaround magician or even just providing illusions during his performance. He's appeared on Late Night With David Letterman where he performed many incredible acts including cutting one woman right down through her waist-level deck chair onto another girl sitting next to her watching TV - talk about scary but also kind of awesome!! 

Our close-up magician can customize his illusion for any event, from drinks receptions to trade shows and more. You’ll be sure that your guests are suitably amazed by the tricks he performs. Book the best performing act in town today!